Flute selection

Choose your Native American Flute

There are two main characteristics upon which you choose the correct flute for you: Key and Material.


Most flute makers recommend to start with a small flute because the holes are closer to each other, hence it's easier to learn.This might be true but we strongly recommend to also give your inner being a say in the decision taking. You can do this easily by following these steps:

1. Get comfortable and take a few deep breaths. Don't exaggerate anything, there's no good or bad. It's important you're ready to fully receive what's coming up.

2. Play the audio examples below one time and pick your favourites

3. Shake it all off and repeat your favourites

4. Should you still end up with more than one then you pick the shortest flute (the highest note)



We offer two material lines: The Cedar line and the Elite line.

Cedar line:

Cedar wood has traditionally been used for the manufacture of Native American flutes by the various nations that used them ancestrally in rituals, healing, warding off bad spirits, magic, climate control and as a symbol of peace.

Cedar wood has a  medium density to which it owes it's deep rumbling sound. In all our flutes we use digital tuning with powerful high-performance diagnostic and audio analysis equipment. Finished with water-based polyurethane, environmentally friendly, non-toxic. Giving excellent protection to your flute and your mouth. The Cedar line Native American flutes are usually in stock.


Elite line:

The Elite line native flutes are made of high-density woods (hardwoods) from exotic natural forests. They maximize the quality and purity of low-range, mid-range and bass tones. They provide brightness and warmth to sounds, in addition to having an extraordinary appearance and resistance. Available woods are Walnut and Carob wood but upon request we can also use Mohagony.

As in all the Flutes that we make, they have been tuned with powerful high-performance audio analysis and diagnostic equipment. Its new design with air flow minimizes the turbulence of the breath that comes out of your mouth, a block with a chimney that allows good sound outdoors with wind. Finished in water-based polyurethane, a resistant finish that is friendly to the environment and your body. After that impregnation with natural oils that seal, immunize and prevent interior deterioration has been taken place. Elite line flutes are generally made to order.