About Leinad Native Flutes

In the heart of ancient traditions, where the echoes of time meet the whispers of the wind, Leinad Native Flutes stand as a testament to the magical fusion of ancestral wisdom and modern craftsmanship. Crafted by the hands and heart of Daniel, a visionary flute maker hailing from Colombia, the story of Leinad Native Flutes is one of passion, transformation, and a deep connection to the spiritual realms.Daniel, the maestro behind Leinad Native Flutes, embarked on a remarkable journey 14 years ago. Leaving behind a career in architecture, he dedicated his life to bringing forth the most magical and wondrous flutes. Through a harmonious blend of ancestral techniques and cutting-edge technology, Daniel's hands and heart unite to create instruments that transcend the ordinary.Discover the magic within you as you immerse yourself in the Meditación Melódica, a transformative experience initiated by the musical expression of these enchanting flutes. Daniel's unique approach weaves together the threads of ego, chakras, emotions, and feelings, inviting us to connect with our origins, essence, and freedom. It is a journey toward self-healing and universal well-being—a path where decisions align with the greater good.Leinad Native Flutes, born from Daniel's dedication and inspired by a revelatory dream, encapsulate the essence of the Lakota flutemakers' wisdom. Learning the intricate art over many years and continuing to evolve, Daniel's commitment to perfecting his craft resonates in every note produced by these instruments. The flutes, infused with the spirit of both ancient traditions and Daniel's visionary approach, beckon you to embark on a melodic exploration of self-discovery."Discover the Magic within You" becomes more than just a slogan; it becomes an invitation to explore the profound depths of your being through the enchanting melodies of Leinad Native Flutes. Each flute, a masterpiece born from a dream, an ancestral heritage, and Daniel's unwavering commitment, is a portal to a world where music and spirituality intertwine. Allow these magical flutes to guide you on a journey of harmony, connection, and self-realization—a journey that transcends time and echoes with the spirit of Leinad Native Flutes.


About Leinad

A personal note from your flute maker

Hello, my registered name is Daniel Bernardo Gutiérrez Rojas, but I prefer to use the first name spelled backward. That's how I sign my flutes. My Lakota ancestral name is matȟó siyéte, which means Bear's Heel. Let me share a bit about myself so you can get to know the person behind your Leinad flutes. Currently, I am 60 years old and happily married to a beautiful, talented, and wonderful woman, Yuli. She is a dedicated wife and mother, as well as a healing musician.
I've been dedicated to crafting Native American flutes for 14 years, and throughout this time, the sale of my flutes has been my sole source of income. This art has supported my family and created a beautiful life for all of us. Previously, when I worked as an architect, I never imagined that the path of the Native American flute would lead us to where we are today.
Our daughter Juanita is about to turn 18 this year, and she has had the fortune of growing up alongside her sister Manuela amid the harmony produced by the melodies of the flutes. Both have received unschooled education, always accompanied by their mom and dad.
One of the greatest blessings of being a flute maker is the ability to always be available for my daughters and my wife. I have been able to share time with those I love, something many people have to sacrifice due to their jobs. I am grateful to the Great Spirit for having them in my life.
Fourteen years ago, I left all my activities in architecture to dedicate my life entirely to materializing the most magical and wonderful flutes. This journey has been possible through my hands and heart, blending the ancestral with the latest technology. By adding my experiences to this path, I was able to bring to life the Melodic Meditation. This initiatory experience combines the ego, chakras, emotions, and feelings with melodic musical expression to explore our origin, essence, and freedom. It seeks to focus our decisions toward well-being in its most universal sense, in other words, Self-Healing.
After having a revelatory vision during a dream, I gained access to valuable information from the Lakota flutemakers' group. Learning the art of materializing these flutes took me many years, and I'm still learning!
This path of the magic flute led us from city life to the countryside. It is the ideal place to grow and see your family grow, as well as where the flutes are born and play their first melody.
Since I took on this path, I have dedicated myself to helping people remember and encouraging them to find joy, love, and well-being in this life. The lifestyle of flutemakers or makers of Native American flutes also gives me the ability to help people in this way, through ceremony and example, for which one does not "get paid." I am sure that, by living in the right way, I am grateful to be able to help others find within themselves the way to live a life walking in beauty. I have published three books on Amazon where I share my experiences as a maker of magical flutes.
We have come a long way since our early days making flutes! Many people from 27 countries have acquired my flutes. For the past six years, I have been conducting experiential workshops in Colombia, where I introduce people to the path of the Magic Flute. I have developed my virtual course (In Spanish for now), which I include for free with the purchase of any of my flutes. If anyone feels they should come to personally receive their flute, I am willing. It is a simple but very healing ceremony. We are always honored by the visits we receive. You are welcome to our home. I also provide initiatory experiences on the path of the Native American flute lasting 1 and 2 days and retreats of 3 days.
As we move forward, we do not have the ability to produce large quantities of low-cost flutes, so we are focusing our attention on materializing high-quality flutes that we call the Elite line, with single, double, and triple flutes. Usually, we will always have some flutes from the personal line at a lower cost as well. We rely on our newsletters and our email contact list to continue growing successfully. At the same time, we are doing what we can to be a comprehensive business, both for our customers and for the Earth. We use natural, safe, and non-toxic finishes and use reclaimed, local, and sustainably harvested wood whenever possible. Pleasing our customers is our priority, and we will replace any flute you are not satisfied with within 30 days of purchase.
Thank you for reading!